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 Only 200 were made period.

  • [COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT] – Rain-A-bove Collapsible Travel Umbrella has a compact and lightweight feature. Measured at 13 inch in length and weighed only 0.88 pounds, this umbrella is literally a portable travel companion.
  • [SOFT BUT TOUGH] – The canopy - made from 50D/280T plain black satin-finished waterproof fabric - is extremely soft in touch yet tough when protecting you from precipitation. Its high density and water-resistant Teflon coating provide waterproof, non-porous protection from unexpected rains, water slides off canopy the moment it gets in contact, in just one shake, your umbrella is free from dripping wet.
  • [WIND-RESISTANT FRAME] – Our compact umbrella composed of 10 reinforced fiberglass ribs and strong steel shaft produces a flexibility yet high stability structure, so that it can withstand heavy downpour and prevent breakage or distortion in strong winds. If the umbrella ever inverts in strong gales, just press to close to let the ribs correct themselves to its position.
  • [HANDY RAIN PROTECTOR] – Automatic Open and Close mechanism found to be a handy protector when you are caught in a rain, umbrella opens in a breeze even with one hand with a push of button. Ergonomic rubberized handle allows a full and firm grip.


Rain-A-Bove Umbrella at a glance:

  1. 50D/280T high density fabric coated with Teflon fabric protector.
  2. Windproof frame with 10 reinforced fiberglass ribs, aluminum alloy stretcher and steel shaft.
  3. Collapses for portability: 45” arch collapses to 13”
  4. Automatic open and close button good for one-handed operation.
  5. Ergonomic rubber long handle.
  6. Unisex black color,suitable for men and women at any ages
  7. Dimension – diameter:102 cm / 40.15 in - length: 33 cm/ 13 in – weight: 400g / 0.88 lb 

Maintenance tips:

  1. Don't fight the heavy winds, particularly by sea fronts or river;
  2. Don't fold when it is still wet; don't dry it under sunlight;
  3. Don't fold it casually but following the natural creases to keep yours looking new;
  4. Only clean the umbrella with water, as the umbrella is coated with Teflon, cleaning substances could remove or damage the proofing coating.
  5. Only close the umbrella using auto close button.