I think about my life a lot and how time passes by so effortlessly, thinking about the future gets me a little tripped out and being in the present can be discombobulating, in the sense of, it makes me think ; what the fuck am I doing now for the future me?

But then again that has me thinking about the future, But at least it’s a good thing, I really think allot about : is old me going to thank young me for everything good thing that I did to take care of myself in the future. When I think like that it keeps me from thinking about useless toughs that I shouldn’t even ponder on. I’m selfish with my brain and thoughts. No one should occupy your mind that makes you angry. 

Whenever I think about the past I just laugh and thank  myself for giving me Such good memories growing up.

I make sure to ignore the bad stuff, the negative shit I been through ..  I just think about good shit that makes me feel happy.

Whether it’s lovers or things I did in my art career that make me feel proud, let’s only focus on what makes us feel accomplished I know there’s something in there for you that makes you feel proud. Don’t worry about the old shit, trash already.

In conclusion to what I just said ...apply that to your life, everything you’ve done and overcame. stop already with the fucking cry baby stuff... let it go , only think about things that are dope and full of happy memories. 

stop living in the past that is no longer here 

Put your feelings in a box * the feelings that wont serve you in the now, that keep you from moving forward into this new you That needs to be released now. Sandoner

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