My new pillows are ready for you!

Posted by Sand One on

Smooth hustler Lasts year so many of our lives were flipped so I did not release about 5 collections I had ready for. This is my quarantine version, they are all waiting for this pandemic to end. 
Softy sand doll


  • I ordered the Easter deal and smooth hustler pillow and can’t wait to receive it. Can’t wait for the smooth hustler mini purse so I can purchase it. Love your art work!!!

    Arlene Sanchez on

  • I Want All 3 Finally
    Pillows 😍😻😍 Again

    ROsa MOrales on

  • I would love a smooth hustler pillow

    Nicole on

  • Hello, Happy Tuesday! I’m interested in the Smooth Hustler Pillow.

    Katie on

  • Hello, I’m interested in the smooth hustler pillow.

    Magaly Barron on

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