Sand Matcha

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Ok I drink this every day, I’m obsessed with matcha .. so what’s really matcha?? Here is it ; it’s green tea leaf smashed finely till it’s a green powder.. it’s the bomb! Better than cofee literally.. 

so I’m making my own, with my personal matcha that I drink.. I feel like a dealer.. getting pounds of matcha from Japan.. to serve you the caffeine addict ( intense)


here is my matcha i am working on.. and below is all the info you need on matcha 


  • Love this such a great way to spread healthy lifestyle. I’m from San Diego and there is a place called holy matcha. Check it out the owner is another boss babe, and is very knowledgeable about matcha and it’s health benefits.

    Tammy on

  • I love match I bought a ton for quarantine i just need a froth gadget. Sending you love and positive vibes – @Muufasaaa the boxy lover


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