The success we deserve

Posted by Sand One on

Why lag it ? On what belongs to you by right of birth? You were created to be successful and live a life full of riches and happiness along with wealth. Stop stopping these material gifts and life experiences you deserve that will make you so happy.. from coming.. stop believing you can’t and you suck


You are alive.. the past is bogus .. right now is important and mighty. Full of so many options to win. Get over that past and the gone... get to work right now . Life is passing you up.. don’t let it 

come on player.. play the game or get pushed out and stay in the side lines.  It’s time to make your life happen as it was planned when you came to this earth.. stop letting shit get in your way. 


  • You are such an amazing women I’m from the hood too and I’m so proud you doing BIG THANGS sis!!!
    Another LA Legend

    Cecily Aparicio on

  • Just want to tell you that you have a kick ass attitude and I absolutely love your art!…Thanks for your words above, I really needed a reminder today to keep on keeping on…continued blessings for you!…besos

    LORI ANN on

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