To go tumbler for the hustlers

Posted by Sand One on

Sandoner, sand one tumbler , stainless steel cupI had to make one!! For the busy money makers on the go. I wanted to make one for myself, I needed a To Thermo cup to bad!  I finally made it. You will love it as much as I have. I picked Smooth Hustler because she represents the go getter in you and I 

Sand Oner tumbler Thermo cup


  • Hey girl I need one when will they be available??? Thank you

    Ana Diaz De Leon on

  • I love your art. Coffee tumblers. Are they available? My husband was raised in Boyle Heights. One day I was with him and I saw your dolls on a small older little market. That was cool to point out to my husband that I follow you.
    Darlene Lopez

    Darlene Lopez on

  • How can I purchase a smooth hustler tumbler?

    Eva Mata on

  • Do u have any more smooth hustler tumbler?.How can I buy one if you do?

    Lilia Martinez on

  • When will you be making new tumblrs?

    Brittaney Espinoza on

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