About Sand ♥

Sand Oner

I create all the things  I would love for my favorite artist to create.. if I wasn't an Sand One ; the artist.

Raised in East Los Angeles California, grew up with my little 4’8 ft mother. Eating corn and watching murals all over my hood. I always wanted to paint murals with dolls be a loved artist. And have lots of collectors ...

Sand one , sand Oner portrait photo  

Im finally almost there ...

I sit for weeks in my studio alone  and imagine the many useful objects  I can put my dolls onto, to create the cutest pieces that my art lovers will be able to make use of.

i don’t feel my art should just hang on your walls. It has to be able to transform into a tool you can use every day.

I imagine it, I test out the ideas that come to my head and Then I create them.

usually as I am living I find myself needing things, so I make them with my dolls. A lanyard, keys, air fresheners... all these are objects I need but I don’t want to buy random shit so I make my own. 

Then you my collector gets to own one. 
Sand one inside the Sand Factory 2020

Everything you are about to own comes from my heart, and my imagination representing a moment in my life. 

Thank you for loving me at my wildest moments, for watching me rant on social media, cry, close deals, paint murals, and for taking me with you in your journey by owning my art. 

And remember ....

No feelings, all money...well a little bit of feelings...just enough to be human.

No begging or crying to anyone .. no more broke days . Get up, go work, and start plotting for more . This is not where we stay, let’s keep advancing and doing better every 6 months.


Don’t  Stay Static. FEELINGS IN A BOX