Money Print 20X24

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Size 20x24 

This one is for when you wake up every morning to get inspired to get this money..  there’s money out there, you just need to get the fuck out of your feelings! and get the fuck out of your house!

in this print I put every doll that represents every step to hustling, Everything you must do internally order to perform in the work force and succeed:

lets begin ;

Smooth Hustler represents going out there, being smooth  and getting your hustle on.. no interruptions 

Stranger is closing your eyes to whatever is going on and walking away into the next step of your journey

Sand Doll  Holds onto a wall in order to block all of her emotions, so nothing stops her from getting her business done 

 Boxy is putting your weak feelings in a box and not letting that stop you from getting your day donE

And Stacks ...well she is the money, After being broken hearted she walked away and decided to go make a lot of money, that would be her revenge ....lots of money.