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Sand Oner

Panty Tickles

Panty Tickles

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Air freshener for car, home, office. Your doll  can last up to 2-4 or more weeks if you follow these steps: Open top of bag along dotted lines. Pull bag of down to expose top of tree. Each week, expose more or less of tree to adjust fragrance strength.

 Or DONT BE SO SERIOUS AND  just open the whole thing and enjoy the damn doll! Lol

Marketing Description

Sand Dolls ® Sand One ® Air Fresheners.
Since 2009

Other Description

Freshen your life!
Made from only the best ingredients, SAND ONE ® Doll air fresheners provide a fresh, long-lasting fragrance experience. With a wide range of scents, you're sure to find one you love. At home or on the road, let Sand One ® Dolls freshen your life.

The SAND DOLLS design, Car-Freshener, and LOGO  are trademarks.
© Sand One LLC

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