Quarantine Lovers Print 20x24

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Quarantine Edition Print 💕 this is a piece of art 🖼 for you to frame and hang at home , in your vanity, bed, or living room 🤤 Now that I’ve been home a little more I’ve been inspired to make traditional artwork .. 🖼 Good morning Boss Hustler .. nothing bothers you or gets you emotional ok!! she will be available now online 😬


Size 20x24

Strong thick gloss coated print paper 

If you order this and other art pieces the print will come separate in a tube because it doesn’t fit inside of a little box please keep that in mind

I recommend you order a frame now, so it is already with you when your print arrives, A frame insurers your pain lasting forever so you can pass it on to your children and grandkids a generation to go by and we get older, please frame it.


This the artwork you have collected  when the quarantine was happening, this will be something we will talk about forever that happened while you were young and alive.

treat it  it accordingly with respect.